who we are

PRONECT SUPPORT is a goal that combines the passion, quality and experience of people involved in setting up an entity

We are a company operating in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Teletechniki
  • Security systems
  • Business service
  • Service
    Our experienced team, with the right hardware and necessary knowledge, is determined to take on any challenge from the modern technology industry.

We have a facility located in the very center of Lublin, on the Square of Lithuania, making it very easy for us to hit.




We have numerous national and international certifications and certifications that enable our specialists to be perfectly prepared to act in a substantive and practical manner. Our employees are constantly evolving their skills through regular training and on-going activities.



It is our overriding goal. We particularly respect world standards and factory standards, which are designed to work in accordance with the art and the final satisfaction of the investor.



We have the equipment and personnel necessary to carry out the investment.



We have made over 400 investments for many domestic and foreign partners who come back to us. We provide permanent services to many general contractors, investors, developers and public institutions.




Both young and dynamic as more experienced team is a wonderful mix of people who can find the most convenient solution for the customer.



Our domain during the implementation of the investment is customer satisfaction and taking responsibility for the work we have undertaken. We absolutely do not do fuszerki because we work for the good name of his brand as well as positive investor relations according to the principle: "good karma always comes back"